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"We know what needs doing. All we have to do now is go out and do it.”


The two Roborough Fields make up 10 acres in North Devon. We bought them in May 2020 and plan to create a dense mosaic of Devonbank hedgerows, wildflower meadows and pools. The overall aim is to cram as much habitat into the space as possible and then watch all the native plants and animals move in. “Build it and they will come.”


Our two fields have lots of advantages for this type of project. There is year round spring water coming down from the hills above, the fields are bounded by ancient Devonbank hedgerows and the heavy soils are perfect for creating pools and ditches. In addition the surrounding area is a patchwork of small fields, hedgerows and woodland. If we want to halt global warming and reverse the precipitous decline of our natural
world, then projects like ours need to become widespread and accepted. Join us on this journey and help us revive the land.

We all know what needs doing.

All we have to do now is go out and do it.

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