Meet the team

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Our core team is made up of a talented group of enthusiastic individuals. Many of the methods that will be used on this project have been developed at Water Gems (Alba) Ltd, an award-winning landscape design and water features specialist based in central Scotland, with a highly skilled team of ecological landscape designers and water-feature technicians who specialise in pond, stream and cascade construction.  


Project details
Nick Benge

Nick's boundless energy and enthusiasm are the driving force of this project, and numerous others. Nick has a degree in Biological Sciences specialising in Ecology and a Masters in Aquaculture. After some time living abroad in the States, Spain and Thailand, in 1995 Nick settled in Edinburgh where he founded Water Gems (Alba) Ltd with his wife, Annie.  Since then, they have run Water Gems -building ponds, wetlands and landscapes. 

Annie Benge

Annie has been key in the smooth running of Water Gems for over 25 years! She has a creative eye, enjoys getting out for a cycle and being in the sunshine. Annie will be a great support to the Roborough team with her ideas and admin skills including being the 'Friends of the Fields' newsletter editor.

Andrew Mounstephen

Andrew, a retired doctor with time on his hands and still some energy left, has always been a fan of wild places, having visited quite a few, and is a firm believer that we need many more of them! Andrew is an amateur wildlife and plant photographer, has a professional background in the dreaded Health & Safety field, and will even admit to having worked in HSE. 

Kevin McKie

Having grown up on a farm in southwest Scotland, Kevin has a BSc in Sport and Psychology and dabbles in art and design. Kevin is particularly interested in building and maintaining ponds, boardwalks and has a particular facility for working with timber constructions, for example decks, boardwalks and garden bridges.

Luis Adamson

Luis has a degree in Conservation Biology and has studied permaculture design, sustainability and adaptation at the Centre For Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales, a stones throw from where she grew up. Finding herself with spare time on her hands during lockdown, Luis put newly acquired skills in web-design to the test and built the Rewilding Roborough Fields website.

Rachael Booth

A keen cyclist, Rachael has a degree in Interior and Environmental Design and since taking up her new role at Water Gems in March 2020, has taken charge of Marketing and all things social media as well as helping with administration tasks. Together with her husband, Stuart, she loves to travel and explore new places in their campervan. 

Michael Roe

Stemming from his days as a boy bird-watching and catching a myriad of things for the garden pond, Michael has always had a keen interest in nature. Having spent his career in the technology sector, he has maintained his interest in wildlife and environmental issues in his spare time. Michael is a committee member of the Cammo Local Nature Reserve near Edinburgh and the Environment Committee of his golf club. He enjoys the occasional bird-watching trip with the Scottish Ornithological Society and supports numerous conservation and rewilding bodies such as Trees for Life and Scotland: The Big Picture.

Stephen MacDonald

Stephen is the Environmental Officer at Water Gems and, amongst other initiatives, has researched electric vehicles and rammed earth blocks for use in construction rather than concrete to reduce the company's impact on the environment. A talented member of the water team, Stephen has various qualifications and awards in Engineering, a degree in Renewable Energy Technology and a Masters degree in Sustainable Energy Provision which he recently completed at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales where he met his partner, Luis. 

Stuart Booth

Stuart has been with Water Gems for 6 years and is a key member of the team, leading jobs on the water side of the business.  Stuart studied Art and Design and also Interior and Environmental Design at the University of Dundee.  His passions are the natural environment and being out in the countryside both in the UK and abroad – and of course, Rachael whom he met at Uni and married last year. Stuart has a wonderful eye for water-based design and is a specialist in “informal” pond construction, streams and cascades. He is also great in a digger and will be a key driving force in the construction of the wet-field at Roborough.