The land

The land comprises two fields totalling 10 acres just north of Roborough village in north Devon. 

The six acre West Field is currently typical semi-improved, grazing land with Italian rye grass and foxtail grasses predominating. Within the field there are currently almost no flowering plants and very little plant diversity. The ground is typical, heavy, red Devon soil and the field slopes gently from South to North. The field margins are Devon bank hedgerows, some of which date back at least 800 years to mediaeval times. In other words, this is a typical, Devon, grazed field.


The East Field is four acres and of a much heavier clay. Ditches bring water in from above and there is some regeneration of hawthorn and willow. There is also a pond in the centre and the field has been cut for some years now for bedding for livestock. Because of the clay, the field is wet and has quite a lot of soft rush (Juncus effusus) growing in it. The pond already has large numbers of frogs, newts, a moorhen family and lots of dragonflies and damselflies.

Roborough Fields Google maps.JPG
Aerial View of Roborough Fields
Roborough Fields Drawing 3.jpg
Plan View of Proposed Project